+30 Mayo goes on hotdogs, amirite?

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Come to Southern Arizona and try a Sonoran dog. Our most popular street for and it's delicious. Growing up I used to just do ketchup and mustard . The older I got the more my taste buds changed and it just seems bland now. I need Sonoran dog style , chili cheese dog, or Chicago style at the very least.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

LA street dogs with bacon, peppers, ketchup/mustard/mayo are the best. That's its own thing though. Kind of like how a chicago dog is its own thing. If it's just a backyard hot dog I'm more of a mustard and relish, no ketchup.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

I put mayo on everything. I think this really depends where you're from. I feel like in the US people really love ketchup, correct me if i'm wrong. I'm from a country in Europe and here we generally go for mayo or something like Andalouse or cocktail sauce.

by geoffrey04 6 days ago

To go along. Relish goes on burgers.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Mayo (and hot sauce) goes with everything. Fight me.

by Diannaskiles 6 days ago

Mayo goes with grilled or fried sausage, goes with other condiments, goes with bread too so why not with a hotdog.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

It's a no from me.

by Maleficent_Buy 6 days ago

Shame on you

by Camren58 6 days ago

I can't eat my hot dogs without mayo! Some sandwiches as well 😋

by Anonymous 6 days ago

mayo & peanut butter is the way to go

by Advanced-Assist-804 6 days ago

Every hotdog gets ketchup, mayo and mustard.

by After_Position 6 days ago

Look up the Chilean Completo.

by Familiar_Field1089 6 days ago

Sure does!

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Am I the only one that loves mayo on a hotdog? Yes. Of course.

by Firm-Badger 6 days ago

Never had a Sonoran dog I see.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

My man, mayo is the most versatile of the foundational sauces there is. But its also literally just Oil, Egg, Vinegar, a bit of mustard and a dash of juice of any citric plant. Sugar for example doesn't belong in there. It is what you make other sauces with and how to carry spices.

by Jazzlike-Brother 6 days ago

It's consistency and taste are disgusting though. I don't understand how people can like it on a sandwich.

by Anonymous 5 days ago

Mayo has nearly no inherent taste. Mostly just "fat". That is why it is such a good carrier for other tastes and is the base of e.g. aioli, blue cheese, ranch and most burger and fry sauces.

by Jazzlike-Brother 5 days ago

I know someone who never ate home-made mayonnaise

by Anonymous 5 days ago

I made it once, it was too sour. Kewpie is where it's at.

by Anonymous 5 days ago

You gotta do it with fresh eggs and still, it shouldn't be sour.

by Anonymous 5 days ago