-14 You shouldn't initiate ANY more than a (brief) greeting conversation at the gym, unless the other participant has explicitly asked for it. amirite?

by Playful-Elk 6 days ago

man your life must be a joy

by Harrisholden 6 days ago

It is actually. Thanks.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

This is actually a fair point, I'm quite annoyed with the overly-literal interpretation of this particular choice of words. I respect your curious and welcoming attitude. Prefer it over the desperate -to-be-sophisticated-fellas. Here's the deal: Explicitly ask for it = showing signs of interest. No, I do not expect a convos license, with a tag number.

by Playful-Elk 6 days ago

Isn't this what headphones are for?

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Yes but antisocial people really need to let other people on the internet know how antisocial they are for some reason

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Yea stfu

by angie19 6 days ago

You are trying to enforce the rule, that won't suit a lot of people. It's conventionally ok to make a small talk with people, who share common interest. If you don't wanna talk, just say so. Why do you want to rely on social clues to "express active engagement"? You are going to the gym, be a man and say what's on your mind

by Savings_Ball_4147 6 days ago

A can't initiate a convo with B unless B explicitly asks for it. B can't initiate a convo with A unless A explicitly asks for it. Checkmate

by No_Tap4817 6 days ago

Neurons can't form connections when C is busy developing an infant logic meant for the so-called adults. Just throwing variables in.

by Playful-Elk 6 days ago

That's why I prefer to work out at home.

by Anonymous 5 days ago

It's really not that hard to say let me get back to my set

by Educational_Fee_9499 5 days ago

I was against you until you mentioned misery. I don't get why everyone I know or don't know feels the need to tell me how awful their lives are. "My wife is divorcing me and I lost my job a week before." "Wow that sucks, so are you using this machine?"

by Anonymous 5 days ago


by Anonymous 5 days ago

But… If the other person is asking, aren't they initiating a conversation without you asking?

by Luettgenangus 5 days ago

After receiving your share of laughs, should I book you the Comedy Cellar exclusively?

by Playful-Elk 5 days ago

I don't see any circumstance where I'd speak to a stranger at the gym.

by Anonymous 5 days ago

Not an unpopular opinion. This is common gym etiquette and most people do not attempt to talk to others at the gym.

by External_Piglet1302 5 days ago

It depends. In small, let's say "district" gyms. Where everyone knows everyone, everyone gives high fives, it's not a bad thing. In commercial ones, probably not. Maybe it has more to do with the gym culture in my country.

by znolan 5 days ago

"Hmm that's really interesting. Hey, I'm on a time crunch here and I really need to get my sets in. Why don't we talk another time okay?" If sometimes starts a conversation that you're not interested in having, it's on you to express that. I personally don't see anything wrong with people socializing at the gym.

by Anonymous 5 days ago

I'm perfectly fine with a girl interrupting what I'm doing to hit on me.

by Jaleel60 5 days ago

Not me. Leave me alone.

by maggie46 5 days ago

Some people like the social aspect. Just tell them "I'm just trying to train" and put your headphones in

by Anonymous 5 days ago