+27 Streaming services are still vastly better than cable, amirite?

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Streaming services are like the fast food of entertainment - quick, convenient, and no strings attached. Cable, on the other hand, is like a bad relationship - expensive, limited, and a pain to break up with. I'd rather swipe through different apps for what I want than be stuck in a contract with channels I don't watch. Flexibility over commitment any day!

by Popular-Sorbet-2614 6 days ago

Comcast sent me to collections two years after I cut off service just as I was trying to buy a house. Over a 30 dollar piece of equipment that they sent someone specifically to pick up from my house and apparently had no record of.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Over the air TV is free and perfectly good for the rare times I turn on my TV anyway.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

SuperBox really helped me get over cable.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

I don't get why this would be unpopular. Just the fact I can DVR without needing a box is just awesome.

by Charlene95 6 days ago

Plus cable is so overrun by ads.

by Tomreynolds 6 days ago