+33 Red Dead Redemption 2 is a terrible game, amirite?

by Dense_Internet_9123 1 month ago

Skill issue

by iprice 1 month ago

garbage mechanics issue

by Dense_Internet_9123 1 month ago

The singleplayer equivalent of blaming lag

by iprice 1 month ago

narcissistic entitlement issue

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Lol what? I understand not liking the game its not for everyone and playing it once was emotionally taxing enough but "it makes me attack someone" is not something that ever happens lol. The game cant make you attack anyone, just like GTA cant make you randomly shoot someone. Its you doing it.

by BellPlayful 1 month ago

You go to the yellow dots on the map and trigger missions. That's what you're supposed to do. It's an open world game meaning you can do whatever you want. Hunt, fish, rob trains, rob people, lynch cops, or yk play the story

by wklein 1 month ago

I guess it's just not for me, felt too exhausting trying to get anything to work.

by Cautious-Bar-9460 1 month ago

haven't played it, seems boring just like the first one. rockstar slipped their last 2 big titles rdr2 and gta are way below their standard

by quintongorczany 1 month ago

You havent played it. Your opinion on it means nothing at all

by Anonymous 1 month ago