+28 Gymnastics is THE hardest sport, amirite?

by Necessary_Data 1 month ago

Funny how a gymnast thinks their sport is the hardest

by EffectiveOk8303 1 month ago

Its true

by Necessary_Data 1 month ago

Gymnastics requires upper and lower strength. Also almost anyone can swim but not nearly anyone can gymnastics

by Necessary_Data 1 month ago

Take a look at MMA.

by wilhelminenitzs 1 month ago

There's an argument for the majority of sports being "THE hardest", next.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Don't high divers have to do a lot of that mid air?

by jmcglynn 1 month ago

Bodybuilding is harder because of all the drugs that kill you

by Felipe30 1 month ago