+20 Date a coworker if you feel serious enough about it, amirite?

by ari00 1 month ago

Of course not. My point is he's been just as miserable so what did he really save himself? It's not like he's been fine. I'm glad you at least gave it a shot!

by ari00 1 month ago

I'm glad you at least gave it a shot I'm not though. Leaving out some details here but I had to leave a good job, it ruined our friendship, and she almost lost her daughter because of it. I'm not saying never date a coworker. I'm just saying to consider the possible negatives of if it goes bad. I did not, and it was not worth it.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Yes. To win you need to take risks. If you want to be happy romantically, forget all the stupid proverbs about who you shouldnt date. In my country it's fairly common to say that you shouldnt date within your class, or a group at the university. The latter is where I met my wife years ago.

by Dickensleon 1 month ago

A lot of people meet their forever partners at work. I met my current partner at work. Plenty of my coworkers are dating each other. I don't know if my place of work is the exception but it seems to me like dating coworkers is a pretty popular thing to do.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

You shared your feelings of attraction. You shot your shot. Kudos! If the other person felt strongly enough, then that excuse wouldn't have come out of their mouth. Sorry the situation soured. They obviously weren't "the one."

by juwan59 1 month ago

This entire experience swayed you in favor of dating coworkers? I'm having the opposite reaction

by Chemical-Regular 1 month ago

Rookie mistake. If you're really serious, work to get her fired, THEN ask her out.

by madeline66 1 month ago

This is stupid advice.

by BlackberryNew 1 month ago

I married a co-worker 8 years ago and wouldn't change that for anything :)

by bergnaummakenna 1 month ago