+46 Flying Cars 🚙, amirite?

by Busy_Management 1 month ago

Noise pollution too. Flying cars really are just not a very viable technology for the mass market. We can do them - it just doesn't make any sense to.

by powlowskiotilia 1 month ago

Yo! Could you imagine a flying Hellcat? 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

by Busy_Management 1 month ago

Not even mentioning how many people are scared of heights and/or flying. I just can't foresee many people choosing flying everywhere over driving. (Not even mentioning the designated landing spots that would be needed lol)

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Private Jets are a kind of flying vehicle.

by Wooden_Strike 1 month ago

Imagine a flying car accident. Nothing like large death machines in the sky falling down on us

by heathcotezaria 1 month ago

You mean helicopters?

by Extra_Evidence_8292 1 month ago

We have flying cars.

by SoftWish 1 month ago