there is a color/style of clothing you refuse to wear, amirite?

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If it's orange, there isn't any way.

Wikits avatar Wikit Yeah You Are +13Reply

I've always had a thing against pink dresses...

@Serg I've always had a thing against pink dresses...

Me too, and I'm thinking it's because I'm a guy...

__________s avatar __________ Yeah You Are +31Reply

I will never wear mustard yellow. It just doesn't flatter my skin-tone in any way.

I never got into that "Hippie" fad. Or booty shorts.

Pigeons avatar Pigeon Yeah You Are +9Reply

Wrap dresses make me look like an unattractive stick. My boobs are always like "Hey, let's go on a vacation!"

I won't wear black near my face, it makes me look dead.

def crocs those things are an eyesore i dont care if they're comfortable

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No high wasted skirts. People tend to think they're generic and look good on everyone no matter what

Maxi Dresses. I don't see the point of wear a dress if its not going to show off my legs. I'd rather wear pants.

nantsingonyamas avatar nantsingonyama Yeah You Are +5Reply

Slut shirts!

No rompers

Skinny jeans. No.

Anything with ruffles.

BROWN... and booty shorts.

Anonymous +2Reply

leggings as pants. no one wants to see that.

Hersheyss avatar Hersheys Yeah You Are +2Reply

anything but black... i don't have any emotional problems or anything, i just look really bad in any other color. :/

Anonymous 0Reply

Skinny jeans, booty shorts are gross, v-necks, the colour pink, ruffles, bows.

Maxi dresses, most long sleeved or especially poofy sleeved dresses, and high waisted pants. Gah.
And more, but those were the ones that I thought of off the top of my head.

wittynameheres avatar wittynamehere Yeah You Are 0Reply

Booty shorts, uggs, jeggings.

Teensy shorts, long or sleeved dresses, rompers, bows, Crocs, Uggs, anything red, brown shirts, and certain shades of pink.

trackerjagkers avatar trackerjagker Yeah You Are 0Reply

Crocs, Uggs, or those Letterman Jackets every girl in my school seems to have ..

Glamours avatar Glamour Yeah You Are 0Reply

Tank-tops... vomit

Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are -1Reply

ANYTHING with those ugly floral prints everywhere. Like one or two flower is okay, but an entire top, bottom, or anything covered in it is GrOSS/

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