+37 I like "The Acolyte", amirite?

by Anonymous 1 week ago

i feel like the episodes move too slow for how short they are. the series should be 6 full 2hr episodes imo

by Kellydicki 1 week ago

Instead of these eight parts at 30-40 minutes each series - just give us three feature length movies. It works out to about the same amount of time.

by Intrepid-Account-551 1 week ago

You're not supposed to like the Acolyte if you're one of the people who screams at a camera for twenty minutes at a time about how Star Wars is dead now that there are more women in it. You can do whatever you want if you're a normal person, though. Like what you like. I feel bad for people who can't because of some made up culture war they're forcing themselves to fight.

by Zula06 1 week ago

Honestly my main issue is the damn episode length. Disney needs to get their act together. Either make seasons long or episodes longer. And not just Star Wars either.

by Equivalent_Egg_3906 1 week ago

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing something like how some of the British shows are done. They have like 3-5 episodes in a season, but each episode are like 2.5 hours long.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

No, don't let toxic Star Wars fans put you off enjoying something

by swillms 1 week ago

It's an enjoyable series. It's not perfect, but I've liked the action, the darker story and not knowing what's gonna happen next. Best not to listen to toxic fans

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Same, I've liked being in a somewhat unexplored section of the timeline. It's given a fresh sense of uncertainty that's been lacking in Star Wars for a while. We know theres something ahead of us in the timeline but there's not a lot before us and that gives some freedom

by Anonymous 1 week ago

It's pretty awesome. But, uh, aside from that don't let reactionaries decide what you enjoy. There are few things Star wars fans hate more than Star wars.

by InevitableSession 1 week ago


by xdenesik 1 week ago

It's amazing what people will cram down their throat without thinking just because of a brand. Disney Star Wars is not canon. But if you enjoy it I still respect that.

by Long_Ladder_7572 1 week ago