+30 George Carlin was wrong that most people are stupid, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 week ago

It's an interesting take, but I think Carlin's quote was more about poking fun at the absurdities of human behavior rather than a literal assessment of intelligence levels. Still, it's fascinating to think about how we perceive intelligence and what factors contribute to our judgments

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Congratulations. You're so smart that you can pretend to not understand his obvious joke.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Willful ignorance makes everyone else dumber for having to engage with it.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

It's a joke.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Because humor can't come from a place of deep personal opinion? That's what all of Carlin's humor was.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Did I say it couldn't?

by Anonymous 1 week ago

I guess I have to ask, how is an opinion just a joke, if that's not what you're saying?

by Anonymous 1 week ago

How is the opinion, said by the most famous comedian of all time, a joke? Oh you're not a serious person I get it.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

too deep my guy, jokes can be opinions, but you just wrote an entire paragragh assuming so. And people tell jokes that are literally the opposite in what they believe in. Are you gonna apply this to every joke? where is the line to be crossed? Jokes are not endorsements, holy cow.

by Miserable_Rule 1 week ago

Sometimes, the curtains are just blue dude/dudette.

by Hintzkirk 1 week ago

You've never worked in retail, have you?

by Gold_Welder 1 week ago

Other fun fact: John Mulaney was wrong about the cost of college/civil war. His tuition was not more than the Civil war cost. Comedians...can't ever trust them for statistical or financial accuracy

by Aydenwilderman 1 week ago

ever meet someone who is 'smart' and they do something stupid. You can't quanitify life, but most people are stupid. most people are smart.

by SubstantialWaltz6687 1 week ago

i'm stupid but i'm pretty sure he's right!

by Nearby-Work 1 week ago

You can't argue with the math that indicates nearly 50 percent of the population has an IQ below the median. Carlin didn't say it that way, but that's what he meant - and you know it.

by Ok-Swing 1 week ago

I mean most people ARE stupid

by Foreign-Divide 1 week ago

I'd say it's better to assume most people act stupidly. The source of this is wilful ignorance, blind selfishness, and sheer greed. There are most certainly some very stupid people in this world, and quite a lot of them, but I think the majority choose the stupid path, rather than being born to it, which means they are also responsible for their stupid actions. I don't think Mr. Carlin was referring to literal stupidity, for example those of the innately dim-witted, or having some form of actual mental deficiency.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

The quote doesn't account for standard deviation, or necessarily relate to IQ. That said 50% of people are IQ 100+ or less than 100 respectively. So if you have a representative group of five, 2 people will be of less than average. Divorced from IQ it takes any measure of "stupid" and averages the results, then cites that since this is the halfway point, half of scores are below this.

by Away-Fix-6314 1 week ago

He is saying that societys switching from terms such as "homeless" and using terms like "unhoused' doesn't actually help anyone. The switch to pc language allows people to believe it is less of a problem than it is

by Double-General-5267 1 week ago