+29 Korean "glass skin" looks creepy and is an insane beauty standard, amirite?

by jastreina 1 week ago

I've seen ugly people with "glass skin" and very good looking people with not so perfect skin. Skin standards are too high

by ExcellentAd2516 1 week ago

I'm Korean, lived in Korea my entire life, and I'm sure that almost nobody here actually does those glass skin routines.. I always find it funny that "Korean glass skin routines" went viral in social media

by Anonymous 1 week ago

It would be true for the people who hop on beauty trends. More women than men, though heard korean men are more open to routines and such than men from most countries.

by Responsible_Seat 1 week ago

Yes, but while it may be true for some people, I'm trying to say that the vast majority of Koreans don't follow this trend.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Oh yeah ofc, most koreans are probably too busy for this stuff.

by Responsible_Seat 1 week ago

To each of their own really. It can be said that all beauty standards are unnecessary

by This_Honey 1 week ago

To each their own

by Flimsy_Difficulty455 1 week ago

Whatever floats your boat

by Anonymous 1 week ago

it is insane... i have a really physical job + clear skin, by the time i get home i have this "glass skin trend look" its just my greasy face from sweating all day. 💀

by Equivalent-Use1294 1 week ago

Sweaty Koreans?

by Anonymous 1 week ago

This is very bad, I agree.

by NefariousnessSure457 1 week ago

It's fashion! Just another crazy thing people do now like duckface or piercings or clown eyebrows or lip filler or face tattoos or giant hair. It's not about looking good, it's just a passing trend.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

"And, after all, what is a fashion? From the artistic point of view, it is usually a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." -Oscar Wilde

by CompetitiveDesk 1 week ago

Well, I heard that that piercings and tattoos are passing trend since childhood which was many years ago xD

by Jamesonkshlerin 1 week ago

All those trends are so cringe lmao

by gracie28 1 week ago

I have never heard of this at all. It sounds kind of nightmarish, so I would say that I agree. This must be a TikTok or Facebook thing, because those are the two medias of social that I don't have anything to do with lol

by Anonymous 1 week ago

I hadn't heard of it either. I googled and it just looks like they have rubbed vaseline on their face. Looks uncomfortable more than anything else.

by Gloomy-Age5660 1 week ago


by Fun_Anteater4788 1 week ago

Glass skin vs BBL's

by Anonymous 1 week ago

And the american standard of big boobs, big ass, tiny waist and blind hair isn't?

by Anonymous 1 week ago

you're right

by Fun_Anteater4788 1 week ago

When your only knowledge of an entire region of the world comes from social media

by pgreenfelder 1 week ago

Yeah, I've never been there. That's why I said "sounds" and not "is". That's what it seems like to me, it may or may not be true

by Fun_Anteater4788 1 week ago

I live there. Women generally try to do makeup better and stay in better shape, but the disturbing plastic doll face girls are more rare.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

It looks greasy, if anything….

by Educational-Air-3214 1 week ago

Agreed. I think (or hope) it's just a passing fad.

by Craigbarrows 1 week ago

It literally just looks like my oily ass face when I don't blot and use powder lol. It's crazy to me that they want to look like that.

by Hattiekub 1 week ago

bleached too

by Anonymous 1 week ago

I've never seen this. What does it look like?

by Anonymous 1 week ago