You want to know how you breathe normally, but once you think about your breathing you start breathing funny. You can't stop thinking about your breathing and try to concentrate on something else, you find it very difficult and end up thinking about your blinking. Then you want to stop thinking about THAT and you think about itchiness and you start itching all over and it literally NEVER STOPS,... amirite?

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Wow.. way to make me go through the entire process LOL

I hate you. I was perfectly comfortable untill I read this... But you are very right.

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Wow, you thought about this WAY too much, OP.

while reading this, i started to breathe in and out loudly.then when i read the word blink, i blinked. and then i itched my eye.

YOU ARE EVIL!!! Why are you trying to put everyone through this torture??

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i don't breathe weird or itch or blink when i read blink when i read this. it doesn't affect me.

I started to breathe deeply and I blinked but the itchy didn't work :D

Now I cant stop breathing weird and blinking and itching. Thanks alot.

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Haha dang I thought I was the only one who did this????

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