The biggest transition in high school is going from sophomore to junior, amirite?

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waitaminute... why?? now you've got me all scared :S

@beinganonymous waitaminute... why?? now you've got me all scared :S

I figure it's probably because you're going from Lower-classmen to Upper-classmen

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Why?!? You're gonna have me all paranoid now. ):

It wasn't a big transition for me at all. Hardly anything changed. I would think the biggest transition in high school would be going into senior year because suddenly you're worrying about colleges, scholarships, applications, graduation, etc.

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I'd say junior to senior was a pretty big blanket sweep. you really just never comprehend how fast it's all gone by. I'm quite looking forward to being a senior. it's all so weird

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Freshman year was ridiculously easy for me. I didn't even have a problem getting used to the high school life. Then I was a sophomore, and I thought things had gotten so much more difficult. That was nothing compared to how much more difficult things got junior year. That is why I think the transition from sophomore to junior was more difficult. It's different for every school, but I had to balance my academics (APs), my talent (I go to a performing school), volunteer work, tons of official examinations, SATs, etc.

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I think sophomore to junior is the smallest transition. Freshman to sophomore you're no longer a measly freshman. Junior to senior you're becoming a big senior. Sophomore to junior you're still stuck in the middle

Supposedly there's a big step up between sophomore and junior, it gets so much harder.

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That's what I'm doing right now, I still can't believe I'm gonna be an upperclassman, it seems like I'm so much closer to graduating..

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That's where I'm at now.

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