It would be cool if amirite had a point system. Like submitting an amirite could be 5 points, voting could be 3 and commenting could be 2 and then the more points you get, the more cool add-ons you have. Like level 7 people could have colored backgrounds or an IM feature, amirite?

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NOOO Please never do that ever ever, Anthony! This is shit.

But then people would just post and post, comment and comment, and so on. and then make Amirite all spammy.

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Maybe only so many count for point value. Or doing something costs you points.

KirstenAnns avatar KirstenAnn Yeah You Are +1Reply

Why would voting be worth more than commenting?

genes avatar gene No Way +26Reply

Yahoo Answers!

Eh. it could be fun, but it would ruin the effect of amirite. amirite is supposed to be kind of simple, just think of how well the drawings went.

MacaroniSalads avatar MacaroniSalad Yeah You Are +16Reply

What you're looking for is Yahoo Answers. Exactly that.

So you want a stupid pointing system then discriminate against the people who have lower points by depriving them from stuff that really isn't important? No. Just leave.

Anonymous +11Reply

Points would turn it into a straight-up competition, which is exactly what amirite? claims not to be.

2 pointer!

Anonymous +1Reply

I wouldn't mind that. Considering I have more posts/comments than anyone


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