College professors shouldn't push there political opinions on there students. amirite?

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I think that by the time you are in college, you are more than capable of sticking with your own opinion and not being swayed by one person. You should not be as easily-influenced as a child anymore. That being said, if the professor brings it up at every possible opportunity, then it can get repetitive and obnoxious.

You're right, they should instead focus on having their students understand how to use the correct form of "their." Oh wait, students are supposed to learn that in elementary school...

you stupid girl..

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@AHEM! *their you stupid girl..

Ahhh, thank you. My inner peace is restored.

@AHEM! *their you stupid girl..

And she's in college! What has the world come to?

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There is a difference between pushing and teaching

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Some opinions aren't valid, such as conspiracy theories and young-earth creationism.

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