They should play music in the school bathrooms so it wouldn't be so awkward to listen to someone else take a dump. amirite?

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Lol I try to be as loud as I can be. It's funny.. it's even funnier when other people get involved in the other toilets. To most this is weird and I don't care what you think. But since I'm immature about most things I think it's hilarious

Yeah, because listening to someone take a dump to Beethoven's fifth would be much better! :D

You could dump in time to whatever music is on!!

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Lmao, I think everyone should just go to the bathroom with ipods on better yet :]

Hahaha, depends on the song. If Ready For The Floor by Hot Chip comes one...."Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now."

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they do that in japanese public toliets so i hear

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To the ONE person that disagrees with this:
I can't decide if you're my hero, or if you disgust me.

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I have always thought the same thing

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