It's really dumb when when people hate the freshmen, because they were freshmen like last year and they're all almost the same age anyway, amirite?

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I'm gonna make an estimated guess here and say your a freshman, and that your pissed at all the older people picking on you.

It was good until "like last year" Even when typing you can't think straight.

Actually, it's really incredible the amount a person matures in that year. Though, I really hate the class of 2012 at my school...2012 < 2013 (...not just mathematically). Anyhoo, I thought I was not a lame freshman but looking at stuff from four years ago helps me realize otherwise. If you're a freshman now, you'll understand in a year or two.

Our school doesn't really bash on the freshies at all...I got some freshman friends. I guess it's just funny how they're so...newbie?

Funny, our school bashes bad on freshman, mostly because this freshman year is even more incompetent than we were. And we were pretty goddamn annoying.

How else are we going to teach those Freshman their lesson, "Don't be freshman, and we won't pick on you" duh it isn't that hard

Part of being in grade ten is hating on the niners. That's just how it works.

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When I was a freshman there was this girl that was a sophmore and she was actually younger than one of my friends in my class but she still treated her like she was 5.

I thought Freshman Friday was messed up

and I don't get why "older kids" act all high and mighty about their "status" of being upperclassman

that's why I didn't participate in obnoxious Freshman Fridays

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I noticed that at every grade level

maybe it's just your confirmation bias

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I doubt it was never

it happens subconsciously

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Freshmen don't realize how annoying they are until the next year when they're sophomores and have to deal with the class behind them. You'll understand in a year or two.

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