One of the saddest things in the world is a blind man or woman inability to see the beautiful colors we take for granted. All they have is darkness. amirite?

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Don't pity blind people. Just because they have a different reality, and can't see color, doesn't mean it's sad. They can experience other beauty that you can't.

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Well, even some people who aren't blind can't see the colours we take for granted. There's a very small percentage of people who are 100% colourblind, and see things as if they were in a black and white movie. Then there are people with partial colourblindness, but they can distinguish some colours.

Y'know blind people don't see black, we see white. I used to be able to see.

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Actually, sometimes, I think I'd like being blind. If you can't see, then you can't judge someone based on race, or appearance.

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I'm colorblind and it's really not that bad. People just think it's kinda funny when your trees are colored red and the sky is pink.

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I know someone who's completely colorblind and wouldn't change it for the world

I don't think they're bummed about it...they see other beautiful things we'll never quite 'see' ;)

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