Every single girl/woman that has found pee on the seat in an all woman's bathroom had questioned how it got there, amirite?

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if you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and whipe your seat. (:

Today I went to the zoo, and before we left, I used the bathroom real quick. i walked in the first stall and noticed the big, yellow pee drop. i walked in the second stall and again, saw the signiture mark. instead of trying to find a pee-free seat, i simply used some toilet paper and whiped it clean (it wasn't gonna be any dirtier (is that a word?) than all of the other seats). as i sat there, i thought to myself, "how on earth did those driplets even get there?" I found myself wondering that untill i left the bathroom.

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A lot of girls I know don't sit on public toilet seats so instead they kind of hover or squat over the seat. I'm girl also btw

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