Michael Jackson faked his death, he is really alive hiding out in Europe. amirite?

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Trust me, Michael Jackson has recognizable features, I'm pretty sure someone would be able to spot Michael Jackson from a Russian Satellite. Not trying to be rude but, His plastic surgery made him stick out like a sore thumb. But, the thought of him hiding out somewhere sounds better than the reality of him being dead so, I think Micheal might be hanging with the amish. That's the last place anybody would look

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No no, he is in Argentina with Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain.

I thought he was off with Elvis...

i hear he was living in russia

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I said NW, but it would be SO great if he was hiding out in Europe. :)

I think it would be pretty impossible for him to hide. And EVEN in Europe too, you know, we are civilized in Europe and we are capable of recognizing MJ....

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He's living in my basement :]

wow europe must be :)

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You are partially correct. He is in disguise as his " sister" who he has played the part of all of these years. Honestly, they do look similar, and can anyone truly say they have ever seen them in the same room??????

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That's why they didn't barry him right away cuz it was a fake body and they could haveit put an not stink!(: hah MJ IS NEVER GUNNA DIE! and if anyone let's him die in theirr hearts theydon know what good music is!

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. . . can we just let the man rest already? he's been through enough without the Elvis complex too.

Guys just let him rest in peace. he died. get over it and move on

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