You wonder how the hell Jimmy Neutron and his friends survived being in space without astronaut suits or helmets. amirite?

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No Sean asked him in the episode with the space junk man and Jimmy was answering but Carl was singing at the top of his lungs so you couldn't hear him. Hahah

Yeah, they were on their way to the moon when Sean was like "How can we survive without helmets?" and then Jimmy was like "It's simple-" and then Carl was singing some loud and annoying song. On the way back from the moon Sean was like "How come it only takes us a few minutes to get to the moon when it takes astronauts a few days?" and the Carl was singing "Goodbye moon, I'll see ya next June!"

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I think Carl asked him about it once, but he was interrupted with the plot while he was explaining it.

Yeah! That was the episode I saw that made me think of this amirite post :]

Here's the reason: Cartoons.

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