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Feb 5th 2016

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer moderator we are now accepting applications for 2 more moderators. Applications close 1 October 2016.


The first stage involves filling in the moderator application form here: and then messaging a moderator to say you have filled your application in.

Expect to hear back within 14 days if you have passed the first stage.


Criteria for being a moderator are stringent and no exceptions will be made for any user:


Please note you must meet ALL the criteria below for your application to be considered: You have a strong chance of being selected if you exceeed the below requirements:


Member for at least 6 months

Exemplary record on Amirite and popular among users

User has not received a warning or been suspended on Amirite for the last 12 months

Profile picture is not offensive

Very active on Amirite. Made over 1000 comments or 1000 posts (opinions or questions or famous thoughts)

Posts or comments "loved" more than 500 times

Followed by more than 50 people

Has invited more than 20 people to Amirite or shared your referral link at least 20 times with at least 10 new users signed up from your referral link ( can be found in settings section)

Has free time to help out with moderating 

Will be completely impartial in helping make decisions

Is mature and able to mediate in disputes between users. Signs of maturity including have any type of qualification or job which involves working with others

Has a complete profile filled in and visible to all users

Is able to work in a team, follow advice and lead. Able to work with others even if there is a difference of opinion and look at the bigger picture

Is able to think of ways Amirite can improve and bring new users to Amirite

 Has strong communication skills and fluent in English

The process can take up to 2 months from initial application to potential acceptance. 

Please note if your application is not successful you will be considered at a future date as all mod applications are kept on file and all applications are considered each round so it is worth applying asap!

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