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🎹 Is there a song that makes you cry? I mean like....really cry? 🎹
Remember when we were ALL friends *sigh* not so long ago my friends we were laughing together (you know I'm talking to you) what the **** happened ? You stood side by side for so long.
🐼 What's the difference between a nerd and a jock? 🐼
We need some LOVE on Amirite. Post some of the greatest power ballads (love songs) in music history. Hosted by reverend markymark on X Fm Headbangers Nation.
Let's discuss the Three R's of the internet. Right, Wrong, and Rude.
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What is your least favorite part of moving to a new home?
πŸ’¦ I thought the British were obsessed by the weather. Then I came to America. What is up with the weather updates every 5 minutes? πŸ’¦
Do you enjoy some type of noise when falling asleep or do you prefer silence?
What would you rather be Miner or factory worker
How much do you trust your memory?
Do you accept, unquestioningly, the results you find on Google?
Do you like  baseball? or watching it?
πŸ›« What do you think would be the worst part of being in a plane crash? πŸ›©
πŸƒWhen are you at your most paranoid? πŸƒ
Nobody likes a sick computer...Is there a virus protection that you would recommend that doesn't cost and arm and a leg and a right kidney?
🐩 Is it possible to grow older but not wiser? 🐩
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