Most Favourited Questions
Find out your friends' opinions
Summer's around the corner with smoking campfires and acoustic guitars. Post some good ole campfire songs.
Post a song about peace
What is your reaction when you see a clown? USE A GIF!
Have you ever had a friend that you would cross oceans for, but would complain about jumping a puddle for you?
Give 3 comments about yourself and others will guess which one is True.
What does the younger you think about the older you?
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How do you like my poem?
If you were a millionaire what would you shop for-just for fun?
Do you have any creative hobbies?
What do you think of a mom letting her 4 year old child eat a PB&J sandwich while shopping in a Target store?
Is pro$titution the type of industry of which one can say: <em>Somebody's gotta do it...?</em>
If science says that coffee is not a cancer risk how is a judge allowed to force coffee makers to put a warning label on their product?
What do you do to make life more interesting?
Someone called and said "Do you have a few minutes to save the environment"...well I hung up because I am smarter than that and I know it will take longer than a few minutes🙄
Tattoo cover-ups can be a really good way to feel less self-conscious of your scars ...
One thing is for sure, members on Amirite love their music. But how much do you know about your favorite song? ... Post your favorite song, along with the song meaning and the year it was released ... Follow my lead on the first comment...
Ever find an inspirational quote that suits you? Go ahead a post one.
Would you like to be a ****-Tater?
Where do you see yourself in thirty minutes?

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