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Imagine you have necklace with one half of a heart, and the person who has the other half is your soulmate. Who has that other half, or who would you want to have it?
What would you NOT want to win on a TV game show?
**Do people have to know you in order to get your sense of humour? <em>And it's not that easy online sometimes...</em>
How do you deal with this heat?
What professions/trades/jobs do you consider highly stressful?   Care to share?    Listed are some that I thought would be:    1 - Nurse  2 - Dentist  3 - Welder  4 - Taxi driver  5 - High school substitute teacher  6 - Amirite Moderator 7 - Doctor 8 - Fireman 9 - Truck driver
🍀 Do you think society has a very backwards view on forgiveness? 🍀
Do you use sarcasm a lot?
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👓 Do you wear reading glasses? At what age did you discover you needed them? 👓
<em>Xenomorph or Yautja.</em> The human race is close to its end, the world is filled with Aliens and Predators. Who would you allied yourself with?
What part(s) of your body could you do without?
<b>How old were you the first time you had $EX?</b> <em>Do you wish you had waited...or did you wait for too long?</em>
<b>You, a Christian, enter a competition. Your only fellow competitor is also a Christian. You both pray to win.</b> <em>Who is God going to favour and why?</em>

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<b>At which point in life did you start listening to your parents again?</b>

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83% agree
17% disagree
🦀 Do you idolize someone that mainstream society rejects? 🦀
💰 What would you pay good money to see? 💰
Do you think that aliens exist?
<b>Should you wait to "write" until you're older?</b> <em>What do you think?</em>
🐅 Why does it take so much strength and courage for some men to let their guard down?  🐅

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