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A lighten the mood question! If you were of the opposite gender what would you like your name to be?
Is there a song out there that as soon as ya hear you think "that is so me"...If so what is it?
If you had to change your first name, to what would you change it?
<b>Should an elephant shower everyday?</b> <em>How would you like that to be your responsibility?</em>
QP1.....Not here to Preach my friends , just curious as always.......When you Pray (when you're really scared about something for eg Your Son/Daughter goes missing) and then your Prayers are answered and they are brought back to you , how do you feel ?
🐪 Girls: Have you ever considered breast surgery of any kind? 🐪
What song are you listening to?
<b>Friends Are Like: snowflakes...if you PI$$ on them...they might leave.</b> <em>Please give me another "Friends Are Like:" sentence...</em>
<b>You're not supposed to wash mushrooms.</b> <em>Do you know any helpful life hints others might want to know?</em>
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Post a song that mentions a body part.
What is your number one reason for procrastinating?
Have you ever given an Oscar-worthy performance in real life?
Can you do the "Live Long and Prosper" hand sign from Star Trek?
💋 Does **** and food ever really work? Well it works in the movies, right? 💋
Are you a speed demon, if so, how many tickets have you received?
🕊 Sweetie, you look like you can't even spell shenanigans! Do you think some people are born without the ability to have fun? 🕊
🏅 Is there something you want to do in life but you just don't have the inner confidence? 🏅
Are you a published author? If not would you like to be one? (If you are, you can talk about what genre you work in if you wish)

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