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What's your favourite biscuit(cookie)?
Hearing Problems ?      <b>*     Honey, said Mrs. Beldon to her husband, “Lester’s teacher says he ought to have an encyclopedia.” “Encyclopedia, my eye!” exclaimed Beldon. “Let him walk to school like I did.”     </b>*     Link:
In your teen years did you have a favorite dance?
Does the released House Memo Surprise You? Or Confirm Long Held Suspicions?
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Wladziu Valentino Liberace aka "Liberace" died on this day (February 4th) in 1987...When I hear his name, the piano immediately comes to mind...When I hear the word "piano", the term "keyboards" comes to mind...Wanna post music (any genre) that you especially like because of a particular piano or keyboard part/solo?... Or, maybe just mentioning your admiration of the talent of a particular keyboardist/pianist?
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Minor earthquake in Britain.Country overreacts.
Calling all knuckleheads!! Favorite old time comedy team?
Who was responsible for Natalie?
The FBI:   Have you or anyone you know ever had any contact with the FBI, whether that be the FBI interrogating you, reports sent to the FBI, or you having made a phone call to report someone or something to the FBI?
If you've had a secret crush, or been the object of a crush, did either lead to a lengthy romantic interest?
Post a song that uses'bad English' in its title
An Easier Way ?      <b>*     A man is walking along a beach and finds a bottle. When he rubs the bottle, a genie appears and says, "I can grant you one wish." "Well," says the man, "I have never been too fond of flying, so could you make a highway from California to Hawaii?" The genie says, "Do you know how much of my power that would take?" The man says, "Okay, I have never really gotten girls, so could you make that happen?" The genie says, "You want that highway two lane or four lane?"     </b>*     Link:
Did you ever draw a boat like this as a kid?
If man was to expand his horizons and colonize another planet would you think it good idea and would you give it a try?
If you could improve or change one facet of your life what would you choose?
"In cervisia veritas" ?     <b>*     A Roman walks into a bar and asks for a martinus. “You mean a martini?” the bartender asks. The Roman replies, “If I wanted a double, I would have asked for it!” Another Roman walks up to the bar, holds up two fingers, and says, “Five beers, please.”     </b>*     Link:
My Mother was Italian and my Father was an ****. Does that make me an Assholian?
Are you better at making an entrance or knowing when to leave?
Why are you bisexual? ... Help educate some of us who don't quite understand. THIS IS A SERIOUS POST!! For educational purposes only ... NOTE: If members start making insulting comments, I'll shut this shit down real fast, no exceptions.

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