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In an ideal world what would you be doing for a living?
Given unlimited resources, what scientific or medical problem would you investigate and/or solve?
If you could make anything bigger,what would it be?
I like people who fart when they laugh and burp when they eat... you, too?
Are you afraid of commitment?
What was the last thing that went up your nose?
I'd like to think we are all creative on Amirite... in how we express ourselves in our posts, in our comments, in our willingness to understand one another. Are you giving your fellow Am's the best of who you are?
When did you first start feeling old... behind the times... out of it?
Make a clever phrase with the letters of your user name.
Do you want Donald Trump to make America Great Again? Making it a better place for the Americans.
Lets go back in time,which movie from all of cinematic history would you wish to star in and which character would you love to play?
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Any stained glass in your home?
What is one silly misconception that people have about you that you?
<b>How much do you live in an ivory tower?</b> <em>How much do you integrate with all walks of life?</em>
When it comes to books, what do you think is the “perfect” amount of pages?

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