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This Woman Explains Why She Does NOT Support The Women's March. No pink pu*** hat for her. Bravo!
Happy February everyone....where did January go?
What you doing on Valentines Day?
Quiz: Could You Lead a Revolution?
If a friend told you She was going to try and get Pregnant without her boyfriends consent by stopping contraception or piercing the condoms  , would you tell the Man involved who is also a friend of yours and you know is by no means ready or willing to become a father ?
What is an odd fact about your locality?
🎸 Are you a vinyl in a world of digital? 🎸
Sometimes some drivers should just not be on the road...What is something other drivers do that frustrates you?
Most of us have had that one boss that was horrible...What is your most interesting boss from hell story?
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This Artist Uses A Cheap Can Of Salt To Make Incredible Portraits.
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How DO You Find Yourself These Days?
Alphabetical Game on Dogs (canids, represented by the genus canines) - from wild dog species, like wolves, dholes, coyotes, foxes, jackals, etc., to more and less known domestic breeds.  Some info about the origins of the domestic dogs: <b>*</b><b> By the way, the hyena is not a real dog species, but a separate family: </b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b>* As usual, the game starts with letter A, followed by B, C, etc., till Z, and then continued from A to Z, etc. Links with information and pictures would be nice and don't hesitate to share information, references and links or ask for suggestions.  <b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b>**** I am starting with the Akita Inu.
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Quiz...When you're angry do you pounce like a tiger or attack like a shark - What Animal Are You Like When You're Angry?
Defensive Trumpeteers will not admit their nasty president is not supported by most logical people.  He did not have a big turn-out for his inauguration.  Most people don't want him to throw away Obamacare without a plan.  The huge protests from yesterday were not violent.  Get over it!!!  Most liberals simply don't fit your mold and y'all are sounding a bit desperate and uneducated.

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