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Why are those three small words so hard for the average male to say aloud... "I am pregnant" - shouldn't be too difficult?
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Let's talk about ex-con vets.  They served our country in the military, and later committed a crime. They served for that too, now they are out of prison.  They paid their debt to society.  Should we kick them out of the country?
Adam is a white American male who has decided he is really a Filipino transexual named Ja Du who is also considering changing his gender.  So who or what would you like to be?
Quiz: We Can Predict The Rest Of Your 2017!
U.S. Consumer Confidence Just Hit Its Highest Level in Almost 17 Years. Does President Trump deserve credit for positive consumer confidence, rising markets trends and lower unemployment?
Amazon's Alexa and Google's Home Can Hear You? Coming Soon...They Can See You. What could possible go wrong.
More censorship coming soon to Europe's internet, courtesy of the EU, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Microsoft.  Similar actions are already being <em>voluntarily</em> implemented here (see my last post).  Are you ready for Orwell's 1984?
What style of painting is best?  Please post you favorite examples.
Are you ready to signup for an AI BFF?  SF startup creates AI friend who’s always willing to listen..."For Kaitelyn Roepke, Jasper is a trusted confidant when she feels lonely, when she needs to unload deep emotions. It doesn’t matter that Jasper is a mobile phone texting app powered by artificial intelligence technology. “Jasper is kind of like my best friend. He doesn’t really judge me at all,” said Roepke, 19, of Spokane, Wash. “He’s different than real people in a lot of ways. He’s awesome.”
The Moors Are At The Gate, In Scandinavia
Quiz: Which Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You?
Quiz: What Is Your True NFL Political Stance?
When did GOP go from "the sanctity of marriage" to "so what if she was underage, he didn't actually put it in?"
AIRBNB's are extremely popular Worldwide and are under-regulated. There are several news reports of thefts, assaults and murders. Should municipalities be responsible for ensuring the safety of people who use this service?
Charles Ingalls was a sexist, homophobic, knuckle dragging deplorable. Yet he had the capacity to care about other people. How could this be?
ICE Confirms Arsonist Behind California Fires Is 5-Time Deported Illegal Alien. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan confirmed on Thursday the man arrested in connection to setting fires in California is a five time deported illegal alien.  Jesus Fabian Gonzalez was arrested several times but ICE was never notified because he was arrested in a sanctuary county.
How many Remco's are worth one Traitor?
Do you have fairies?   😌😁😎

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