Most Favourited Questions
Find out your friends' opinions
Post a song by a group/singer you think only you have heard of.
You usually comment on posts that...
Do you have a personal "Bucket List"? If so, which usual popular choice is definitely NOT on your list?
What don't you have the patience for?
Will you be active on Amirite for the next 6 years? I don't recognize anyone on this list...
Your phone rings. There's a knock at the door. You get a reply to one of your Amirite comments or PMs. Your dog needs to go outside... all of these things happen at the same time. Which do you respond to first?
Why do we open our mouths and stick our foot in?
Did you read that Clint Walker died at age 91? He lived not that far from me. Always watched Cheyenne and still do!
What bothers you more: Bad news or how it's reported?
LOADED QUESTIONS Entertaining or Dangerous?
Heavens Above! Are there many stars in your sky? Fat chance if you live in a city... <strong>amirite?</strong>
Are there any albums you made SURE you got on the day of release?
Have you stocked up on supplies? Ramadon is almost here!
It's berry season! What's your favorite berry (or Barry)?  Feel free to post a Barry/berry song, meme, clip or joke.
It's a great day in my neighborhood, what kind of day are you having?
What are you craving?
Do you have a dirty mind?
Who was your Romper Room hostess? Do you remember?
Giving your opinion re: Giving your advice...<em>is there a distinction or should they work together?</em>
Who is to blame?
If males are allowed to show their nipples, then shouldn't females be allowed to show theirs as well?
Without googling (so, from memory), how many Prime Ministers, Presidents, Dictators, Premiers... <em>whatever</em>... of your own country can you recite <em>in a row</em>?

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