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<b>Who taught you how to bicycle?</b>
👔 What is the deal with men in suits? Does a man wearing a suit make you respect him more? 👔
They say schooldays were the happiest days of your life, were they for you...
⚛️ Have you ever experienced a earthquake? ⚛️
<b>If you suck, are you okay with that?</b>
You have just been selected to stay in the wilderness for a week...How long could your survive before you said "Enough is enough, I am done"? Or could you make it the whole week?
Nobody likes a sick computer...Is there a virus protection that you would recommend that doesn't cost and arm and a leg and a right kidney?
🍽 Fast food or 5-star restaurant? 🍽
🖥 What is the point in 250 TV channels when they are filled with garbage and endless repeats of the same episodes of the same shows over and over and over again? 🖥
She's a SWEET CHERRY PIE here at HEADBANGERS NATION with the reverend .... Post some crazy, fun or sexy music videos.
What was the last thing that went up your nose?
I'd like to think we are all creative on Amirite... in how we express ourselves in our posts, in our comments, in our willingness to understand one another. Are you giving your fellow Am's the best of who you are?

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