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Do you know the story of Adam and Eve's dog?
Can you sit around all day...doing pretty much nothing?
Do you often wonder if people really know the difference between telling the truth and knowing what a lie is
What would happen if there were no cars, buses, trains, boats, or planes? How would this change your life?
Do you like a sound or music playing when you sleep?
Would you say a well-groomed person has a better self-image than an oft-time slob?
Do you like Daylight Savings Time or should we stay the same time year around?   And, how many clocks, watches do you have to change?
Do other people see you as cool?
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Can you ever push someone down the stairs with love and care?
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How much more can Trump lie, and how much more can we take? (Or, that piece of shit in the oval office just removed the ban on trophy hunting)
What if creationist were only put on earth to test our faith in the scientific method, and if we fail we will be forced to exist for eternity in some absurd pseudo-paradisiac scenario?
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Ohh what would they ever do?
To what are you looking forward?

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