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If the guy singing "Feel it still" wanted to sound like a girl - why didn't he just get a girl to sing the song?
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Post one of your favorite songs with a number in the title.
Post a song with the word citizen in the title
Post a song with the word hyper in the title
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Care to guess what is captured in this photo?
Another camp sunset  Ellsworth Maine
No question  just sharing a pic  of my camp
Post the last song you listened to?
What's your favorite fireworks memory?
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Post a song in which civilization ends in a nuclear war
Post a song you like when it's really hot out
Any favorite music come to mind that you know to be a cover tune by an artist, band recorded years after the original artist recorded it? Post if interested...Even post both the cover and original (one as a comment, and the other as a reply to that comment since two clips won't post in the same comment box).
Um, ... Now this.
Jet city woman ... It's a long way, home to my Jet city woman ... Post songs with the word CITY in the song title.
What are some of the weirdest things you have seen in someone else’s home?
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I want to know why a handful of guys that have me blocked always are the ones behind the anonymous postings?  Does your support for the president feel that threatened by those of us that may challenge you?  You know who you are.  Too bad you can't answer it here.

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