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P@@ping in public.
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Switzerland develops new defense technology!
What are your thoughts on the UK expelling 23 Russian diplomats and taking other measures against Russia over the poisoning of a British spy and his daughter in London?
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Do other people see you as cool?
Alexa, the voice of Amazon Echo, is laughing...Creepy?
All about Grandchildren?      <b>*     For two solid hours, the lady sitting next to a man on an airplane had told him about her grandchildren. She had even produced a plastic-foldout photo album of all nine of the children. She finally realized that she had dominated the entire conversation on her grandchildren. “Oh, I’ve done all the talking, and I m so sorry. I know you certainly have something to say. Please, tell me… what do you think of my grandchildren?”    </b>*     Link:

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Wonder if they want to outlaw potato guns also?

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What kind of a cheapskate would install a toilet like this?
What are your favourite and least favourite mechanical noises?
"Real patriot" says I LOVE America....except gays, feminists, protesters, people who disagree with me, vegans, mexican immigrants, refugees, the rights of natives to keep their land, the national parks, the environment, the clean air, the aesthetic beauty, it's reporters, it's movies, minorities, transgender Americans, non-christian americans, and the entire state of California.  So what do you like?  "Real" Patriot answers: Vladimir Putin and the Confederacy!

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A Space Oddity: Is David Bowie the astronaut aboard the Tesla roadster launched into orbit by SpaceX?
Is the computer "not responding" message the most irritating computer message ever?
If you could improve or change one facet of your life what would you choose?
Some of the best music comes from really dark places. <em>amirite?</em>

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