Hen commonly refers to a female animal: a chicken, other poultry, game bird, octopus, or lobster. It is also a slang term for a woman.


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What was the last WILD animal you saw in person?
<b>Your life tastes mostly like chicken...<em>amirite?</em></b>

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Which trainable animal(s) do you suppose we can never fully trust not to suddenly attack us if agitated?
If you could choose only <u>one</u> side for meat/fish/fowl: rice, noodles or potatoes?
🦏 Name an animal you would like to own one day....🦏
Do you ever fantasize about being a chicken?
🤦 Girls: What words describing a female do you hate to hear? 🤦
<b>Have you had quail's eggs?</b> <em>There a lots of eggs out there...if you enjoy the ordinary...does that mean you haven't tried anything else?</em>
<b>Aren't you glad you're not a chicken?</b> <em>If you got the flu they'd put you to death...:(</em>

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