Spanish (español), also called Castilian is a Romance language that originated in Castile, a region in Spain. Approximately 406 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it the second-most-spoken language by number of native speakers after Mandarin. It also has 60 million speakers as a second language, and 20 million students as a foreign language. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and is used as an official language by the European Union and Mercosur.


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<em>I like songs from different languages than my own. It's a good way to learn a little bit of the language.</em> If you have a foreign song that you like, please post it.

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Do you have a STUPID First or Last Name???
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Formentera, Spain...We Should Go A'Roving

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Ancient Languages like Latin or Spanish shouldn't change their words just because some people take offense. <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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You don't bother reading the subtitles during an explicit foreign movie love scene... <em>amirite</em>?

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🐷 Have you ever felt completely foreign in what used to be a familiar land? 🐷
Doesn't Piso Mojado sound like a Spanish James Bond? "Yo soy Mojado, Piso Mojado."
<b>Could you write: "I'm wearing red knickers" in another language?</b>

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What's going to happen  in the U.S. if those who speak English as their first language become one of the minorities? Will those in the new plurality demand everyone speak their language?

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