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Eh, the difference was Jesus wanted people to want to give, liberals are essentially stealing earned money.

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By definition, but that's why I said "the modern sense of the word".

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ClaireTheBozo ClaireTheBozo

In response to “By definition, but that's why I said "the...

The word still mean people are afraid. Some people sympathize with gays, but can't support them because of their beliefs. Calling them "homophobic" makes it sound like they hate them and it means that they fear them. Just because they don't support something doesnt mean they hate or fear them.

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fangirl12 fangirl12

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Why does everyone always exclude gay people?

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fEMMAnist fEMMAnist

In response to “Why does everyone always exclude gay people?

Oh come on, dont try to make this about gay people. if youre gonna go there, the fact of the matter is gays cant have real, honest to goodness ****. thats just the way it is.

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heysoulsister heysoulsister

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If only rape victims are allowed to have abortions many women will claim rape whether or not it was so that they can get the abortion. The amount of men having consensual **** being charged with rape will skyrocket, putting a permanent smear on those mens' lives for no fault of their own.

I understand why saying only rape victims should be able to get abortions sounds good, but in reality there would be serious social consequences.

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i have a camera, a slingshot, scissors, mentos, and one of those small oranges that are easy to peel

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LonelyIsland LonelyIsland

In response to “HAHA YESSSSSS i have a camera, a slingshot...

PERFECT! Take a picture of the zombie, making him delusional because of the flash. Then, stuff mentos down their throat... cut them up with the scissors. Finally, eat the orange in victory.

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