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I hate depressing statues... I mean, why can't any sculptors make a HAPPY statue for once??

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The US government isn't compatible with "getting things done," please restart your system and try again.

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Monopolygamy Monopolygamy

In response to “The US government isn't compatible with...

Well of course they get things done! In the past year alone they'd declared pizza a vegetable and threatened the internet.

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I've never thought it was very fair that none of the other houses got a catchphrase.

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

In response to “I've never thought it was very fair that none...

Gryffindor: Being Brave will keep you from your grave.
Hufflepuff: Being loyal will make you like royal.
Slytherin: We're heartless bastards.

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DandyLion DandyLion

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How are you people doing this?!

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Palindromes_Are_Fun Palindromes_Are_Fun

In response to “How are you people doing this?!

First go like thiiiis, spin around, stop! Double take three times. One, two, three. Theeeen, pelvic thrust! Wooooooh! Wooooooh! Stop on your right foot, don't forg--- Oh wait, that's how to blow a bubble.

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Is it also sad that there are more rocks than schools? I guess we care about rocks more than education.

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TheBlindMan TheBlindMan

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"Freeze Mentos into ice-cubes. Then give your friends an iced diet coke. After five minutes their drink will randomly explode."

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UpandAdam UpandAdam

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