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mine usually says "I'M BORED" and "CAN'T BREATHE"

I just leave them in my bag for weeks sometimes

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fuzala fuzala

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Just be nice and respectful towards them. Bitches love niceness and respect.

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Lindsay_Con_Queso Lindsay_Con_Queso

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Did you not read her interview?
She said that although the dress could have many interpretations, it was not about eating meat in any way
It was meant to make a political statement about how if we dont stand up for what we believe in and fight for our rights then pretty soon we will have about as many rights as the meat on our bones and how she was not just a piece of meat

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Linds Linds

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every guy I talk to or even refer to, my mom thinks we are getting married next moth

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justsuper justsuper

In response to “every guy I talk to or even refer to, my mom...

That's stupid. You're obviously getting married next butterfly.

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Yeah, first time I saw you I was walking through Ikea
What would hit me next man, I had no idea
Couldn't leave your side without a simple ''see ya''
So I came up with a great idea

Oh candle, candle, candle
You're much more than I can handle, handle, handle
Your light shines so bright
Throughout my darkest night

Grabbed you quick and inhaled your aroma
Candle, if I could study you I'd get mah diploma

Just knew right there with you in my nearest sight
That I would light you, overjoyed everynight

Oh candle, candle, candle
Our love is quite the scandal, scandal, scandal
I don't care what others say
I want you to stay

You never fight me, nor spite me
Starting to think that our love might be
Just slightly, a little frightly
Candle you plus me, want everyone to see (l)

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