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"Call Me Maybe" is mine. Just hits me with a brick wall of emotion. It's really...oh...yeah, I'm tearing up a bit. It's just so monumental, you know? Oh god, really crying now. I mean, she just met him, right, and it's probably crazy, and then she gives him her number, and he may or may not call her. Pretty strong stuff.

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griffs28 griffs28

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Everyone thinks mine is Patrick and Spongebob mixed together, but it's not. There was a pink sponge sitting on the table next to me.

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PinkSponge PinkSponge

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I'm really confused, can someone please explain to me what that meant? :/

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KitKat13 KitKat13

In response to “I'm really confused, can someone please...

OBVIOUSLY, he OP is saying that if no one comes from the futer, there is no god, and that we made a time macne so we were first. How can you not grasp that simple, intelligent concept?

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AnnDeeva AnnDeeva

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Well, it doesn't have to be that complicated. At that age, there is no "sexual desire" or "male-female relations." It's just a simple "who likes who." You could just tell your kids, "some people like girls, and some people like boys, and some people like girls AND boys, and it doesn't matter who you like." There's no need to bring in the whole **** thing until later. Introducing the concept of gays and lesbians to your kid wouldn't corrupt them.

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True story: I did this last week on my math test because I was so sure of it.

I got a 99%.

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TinyNinja TinyNinja

In response to “True story: I did this last week on my math...

99?!?! What happen to 1 percent?!? Why you no work harder?! You want work McDonald's!? You grounded!!

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Asian Dad

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And then proceed to draw ninjas battling wizards in the spaces provided for answers.

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L_Stylz L_Stylz

In response to “And then proceed to draw ninjas battling...

No, that's if you're "average".

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lonely_jew lonely_jew

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They also help when you're trying to read someones body language while they're talking to you.

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Amelia Amelia

In response to “They also help when you're trying to read...

-raises eyebrow- huh?

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ChosenToLead ChosenToLead

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Everyone has cancer inside their body, it's just a matter of it being triggered, which happens from lifestyle habits. people need to change their life to prevent cancer.

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Sqwancho Sqwancho

In response to “Everyone has cancer inside their body, it's...

Cancer happens when a cell mutates and becomes defective, then multiplies so there are a lot of bad cells, and the tissue/organ/whatever has difficulty sustaining itself... clearly not everyone has this problem...

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I suppose "morals" are only a word too?

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Spalliston Spalliston

In response to “I suppose "morals" are only a word too?

Someone needs to get laid.

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Please, I've eaten an apple in the shower.

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ender ender

In response to “Please, I've eaten an apple in the shower.

thats nothing. my mom walked in on me eating a hot dog in the shower. now tell me that's not awkward.

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Amirite cured my cancer. Thanks to Amirite, I can ride a bike again. Amirite reconnected me with my long-lost child, taught my dog how to read, fixed my car, and caused me to lose five pounds. Thanks, Tony Rob-- I mean, Amirite.

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Let me tell you a little story of my life:

I was driving to work on a fine day last summer when a woman THROWS HERSELF at my car with a KNIFE, demanding I tell her how much it sucks to have a period. Although I'm a guy, I was luckily able to explain the horridness of this experience thanks to my avid Amirite reading and she decided to spare my life. In fact, she invited me to a party with some of her friends at a cafe. Now, when we arrived at this party, there was a stick-up going on inside the cafe. The burglar held the cashier at gunpoint, ordering the cashier to open the cash register. Luckily, I was able to reason with the criminal, using logic I had gained through Amirite. Just to be on the safe side after the criminal had peacefully left, we opened the cash register to check if the money was all there. It WASN'T. So I was arrested unless I could explain to the cops who stole the money. Thanks to Amirite, I knew that TIA DID IT. Trufax.

Thanks for saving me, amirite?

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Baconnoisseur Baconnoisseur

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