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Jesus Christ, finally someone wrote this. I once told this to my friends they laughed so hard they probably thought I was retarded or something but I'm a healthy guy, did swimming for 12 years professionally, got many medals and am athletically bulit, almost suffocated in my own bed on my own ** pillow more than a couple of times. It's not that you can't breathe, it's that you can't move because the mind realizes it too late and you wake up immobilized your face down in the pillow not really being able to take a breath. I managed to find a way to get myself out of that, it's incredible the amount of will that it takes to survive this but start to shake and you will get blood into muscles again and eventually in a matter of maybe 5-10 seconds get yourself out of the death grip of your own pillow. This is not a laughing thing it's really ** serious people can die in this way and I am writing this as a help to prevent it. It also helps if your pillow is more flat and small than puffy which mine were (curse my mother), but it is a real danger. It doesn't happen that often anymore because I go to sleep either on my back or on my side, when I lie down stomach down I always bend my knees so I don't lay full frontal but turned a little to the side so it wouldn't happen again. I tell you, that fear that you have while it's happening is of a man sentenced to death before a firing squad, you think it can't happen to you but think again, it's so simple people can't believe it and they laugh but your brain is one scary fucker and he can get you into that situation no time.

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