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Yes, but you might want to try yahoo answers for cute little stories like these. Not amirite. This is a place for opinions.

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In response to “Yes, but you might want to try yahoo answers...

@Anon, If what you said doens't come under "needless criticism", then I'm a tomato. You not only belittled her post by saying it should be on Yahoo answers, but you went on to imply that she wasn't enough to be posting on Amirite. This is all very rich coming from someone who can't even be bothered to get an account and make themselves known. Get back to the shadows cloaky! Crawl back to the woodlouse-infested rock you crawled out from under!

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TommyUK1234 TommyUK1234

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On an unrelated topic, I would like to politely point something out. The Amirite community has grown accustom to using the POTD as a starting ground for debates. These debates have varied from topics like political issues, homosexuality rights, religion, education and the liberties of women.

Tonight we are frantically trying to crushing each other's bones in a heated debate about Harry Potter and Twilight.

Don't get me wrong people, Harry Potter ftw, but I just thought I'd point this out. Good day.

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L_Stylz L_Stylz

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But there's also the fact that he kissed her when she was clearly trying to get away from him, tries to control her, although not nearly as much as Edward does, took advantage of her emotions during the Eclipse battle and tricked her into kissing him and fell in love with the two mintue old baby of his ex-girlfriend/love interest.

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fangirl12 fangirl12

In response to “ True. But there's also the fact that he...

Agreed. Thats one reason I don't absolutaly love the Twilight serise (sp?). The whole story is built on minipulation, wich is to say that Bella and Edward's whole relationship is built on minipulation (since the story pretty much is thier relationship). Edward and Jake both minipulate Bella because she is such a weak character. By the second book I was tired of her whining and complaing. Heres the interesting part: there are Three things she complains about through out the books, Jake, Edward (him being gone, him not telling her stuff, etc.) and the weather. Yeah, Hermione at least does other stuff then swoon over Ron all the time. And both girls face near death and problems. Hermione is stronger because she has more than a one track mind. Hmm, I got alittle of topic there... Sorry!

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sassypieann sassypieann

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But it changes how it is portrayed and how much focus is on it. What I'm trying to say is, that Ron and Hermione may have actually been secretly super obsessed with each other, we just don't know because that is not the focus of the books. Where as in Twilight people like the books because of how much Edward cares about Bella, and deep down (further down in some girls) every girl wants to be as important to their loved one as Bella is to Edward. It's just that Twilight focuses much more on this aspect and that is why it appeals to so many girls. As you know by now, I am a Twilight fan, but I totally understand why people get pissed at the over-obsessed fangirls. I just don't agree with people being as over-obsessed at bringing them down.

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fluentinsarcasm fluentinsarcasm

In response to “But it changes how it is portrayed and how...

We do know that, because if they were super obsessed with each other, we would have known. They wouldn't have been fighting over snargaluff pods, they would have been gazing stupidly into eachothers eyes and losing points for gryffindor.

And I stand by what I said: Though the focus is more on love in love stories, it still does not change the premise of love. Watching Bella sleep, taking out her car cables, and controlling where she goes is NOT caring, loving, or any of the things Meyer says it is.

As for your statement about every girl wanting to be like Bella....sorry, I don't want to be a boring, stale, static, depressed, dependent(the list goes on) girl who can't live without her boyfriend stalking her, or her wolf-boy protecting her. If you look at the comments above, if Meyer was a guy, she would be attacked for sexism.

And I'm not overly obsessed with bringing them down. Who's the one who replied to my comment after, what, 3 months?

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open_mind_open_soul open_mind_open_soul

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