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I don't think there's anything wrong with being against it. As long as those views don't turn into bigotry and hatred.
My Bible, which I believe as truth, says acting on it is not a good thing.
That doesn't mean I can't have a gay best friend, which I do. It just means that I, as a Christian, chose to not act on any homosexual tendencies.

I know people will throw a pissy fit by referring to it as 'sinning' but I always say 'hate the sin love the 'sinner'. Meaning just because you think it's wrong doesn't make it okay to show hatred towards the person doing it.

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heythereilikeurhair heythereilikeurhair

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"Your eye color is an odd shade of brown you have to ****?"
"Uh, no, they're actually just my regular eye color--"
"No, no, it's okay if you have to ****. I didn't have to read your diary."
"But I don't--"
"Shhhh. Your eyes say it all."

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AdonisBatheus AdonisBatheus

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How a mathematician counts sheep:
How Toph counts sheep:
I Darth Vader counts sheep:
How a robot counts sheep:
How thinkers count sheep:
How animal cloners count sheep:
How crash dummies count sheep:
How sheep count sheep:
How death counts sheep:
How Evil Knieval counts sheep:
How creative people count sheep:
To each, his own

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Favvkes Favvkes

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(hmm) But don't most women want the opposite? LIke don't most women want guys to look at their face instead of their ****? I know I would. I don't have time for pigs. I have self respect. :/

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In response to “(hmm) But don't most women want the opposite?...

- - -Joke- - ->
[Your Head]


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Rainboots Rainboots

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