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One does not simply talk about Supernatural outside of tumblr and expect to get upvoted

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Aphrodite Aphrodite

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OP, let me love you. People don't understand that skinny girls might be just as self-conscious about their weight as heavier girls and there is NOTHING wrong with being naturally skinny. Calling curvy girls "real girls" isn't helping anything.

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Aphrodite Aphrodite

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At first I thought you were implying that she was a pedophile and I was worried that if she had hit puberty and her voice still sounded like that then Justin Bieber was screwed.

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Aphrodite Aphrodite

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I don't know. She has a better voice but the Jonas Brothers used to have better music

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Aphrodite Aphrodite

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OMFG people, do you not see those comments are as old as the post?!? SHUT THE ** UP ALREADY- this shit was over long ago, and the argument wasn't even with patrick or about the goddamn post... if any of you actually read the beginning, it all started in response to someone else entirely being a . Patrickmajor later admitted he had been spoiling for a fight and started in with me deliberately- also, he said I was "very good at insulting" and that I suceeded in making him really pissed. It's all still on my wall if you want proof. So you know what- if I'm a troll, I'm a successful ** troll, so successful that even months later I'm still trolling you fucktards without even trying.
From this point on, all you d-bags are just gonna have to take a number and wait in line to eat my ** **, because I am so far beyond done with all this shit, I can't even see it anymore.

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Black_No_1 Black_No_1

In response to “OMFG people, do you not see those comments...

You're an **** so I'm gonna help everyone else piss you off. ASININE ASININE ASININE.

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Aphrodite Aphrodite

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