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Picture this- An amirite school.
The floors could be painted into "Who Agrees and Disagrees" and we would debate our class time away. Everyone could submit debate topics to the teachers, and Ant could pick the best and post it up in the office daily. The teachers would be the older amiriters, and middle school and under students would be taught to argue smartly and with correct grammar and spelling. Points would be kept track of, for how many times you or your team won the debates and how many times you said things that the class argree was VERY wrong.

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tododapurplecow tododapurplecow

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Animals kill their babies in case they are unable to take care of them or if the babies are unable to survive. Humans have a similar instinct and the OP has a point when they say that when a woman wants to get rid of a baby she will do it with any means necessary. If abortion was illegal I'm sure even suicide would become an option for some desperate women.

Pro-lifers have a nice idea, but that's all it is. An idea. It doesn't work in real life. Having babies isn't simple and most women can't just suddenly push out a baby and go: "Oh, I had a baby! Whoops! Better just give it up for adoption!" No, it will most likely ruin their life in many ways. They may have to give up school or work because of their pregnancy. It could influence their entire social life, dramatically! Some families will disown a woman with an unwanted pregnancy. Not to mention depression, financial problems etc.

So yeah, you can save a baby but will most likely ruin several other lives on the way. Good job.

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i have one sitting in my pantry.
been there forever.
one day, when i'm old and dying, i'm going´╗┐ to open that **** thing and eat it.
90 year old man "i got lion king"

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Too bad not all of us can pull it off! lol! :P

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RawwrImALion RawwrImALion

In response to “Too bad not all of us can pull it off! lol! :P

Hello, ladies and gentleman. Look at yourself. Now back to me. Now back at yourself. Now back to me. Sadly, you aren't me, but if you stopped being unattractive and switched to being a sexy ****, you could pretend to be me. Look down, back up, were are you? Friend zone.

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DanielJames DanielJames

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