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I died a little. I guess I'm the only female here against this sort of thing. It seems as though women are just completely delusional these days. They must be watching way too many romance movies and reading too many Twilight stories.

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KaySeas KaySeas

In response to “I died a little. I guess I'm the only female...

To be honest....I like romance movies/novels, and even Twilight, and this post made me feel sick.

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Grilled_Cheesus Grilled_Cheesus

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****...OPEN YOUR EYES LITTLE TWEEN GIRLS! Girls think us guys are so complicated but we are not. If no guy is getting you at first then that means your ugly not ''amazing''. To get a guy to like you you have to have an ok personality, be cute or hot, not be annoying or complan about your perios, and to be a bit more mature than the people who commented above me and the op.

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OMJeezus you R such a jrk i hoope you nevur gets a gurlfrend cuz U is just jelly of how awesum tis poss is bcus it iz a metufore that reel life worx ekactly liek tha and 1 day my prince charmin will find me and we wooll riyde off in2 teh sunset and liv happly evor aftr cuz just like dat is how reel lief works alsoos guys obvi dont caer aboot looks im gunna find a boyfdriend that lieks to ** my personalitie and not mi ** lol xoxo :) kthxbai !!!11one!!1 :DDDD

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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Happens to me every month. Then I remember I'm a boy so I don't get periods. That was a close one.

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LonelyTylenoL LonelyTylenoL

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