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Name five things that rhyme with Gyllenhaal.

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Retooser Retooser

In response to “Name five things that rhyme with Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Jake Gyllenhaal.

- You were never there when I tried to call.

- You're the guy who has it all.

- Of course I'd be the girl who had to fall.

- You treated me like nothing but a doll.

- We broke up because your **** was too small.

- And now we're over. Once and for all.

There's a lot of possibilities, actually.

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candisse candisse

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But "Jake?" Oh boy, she's going to have a field day with that one!

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Tallglassofwater Tallglassofwater

In response to “But "Jake?" Oh boy, she's going to...

Jake, Jake, my dear Jake
I want to stab you with a rake
And dump your body in a lake
Or bake it in a birthday cake
I hope you get bitten by a snake
Your empty promises were so fake
You really made my poor heart ache.

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It's so true. I was beating a someone I didn't care about that much once, and it just didn't feel right. Now when I hit my wife, it feels so good.

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You Muggles are silly. Obviously we exist. Monkey wizards exist too.

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SexyMonkey SexyMonkey

In response to “You Muggles are silly. Obviously we exist...

Dear Mr. SexyMonkey,
We have received intelligence that at forty-eight minutes past three, you mentioned the existence of wizards in a place that could be viewed by muggles. We would like to remind you that doing so is a violation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy and further mentions of our community pose a serious threat to the safety of all witches and wizards.
Hoping you are well,
Mafalda Hopkirk

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SpelingChampien SpelingChampien

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