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There once was a duck who was uglier than all of the other ducklings, let's call him Phil. Everyday Phil would swim around the pond and everyday the other ducklings would mock him by shouting, "Bat face! Bat face!" They never included him in their games and Phil was more often than not left alone to gaze at his own hideous reflection on the pond's surface. One day as Phil made his rounds of the pond he spotted an eagle on the horizon. "Eagle!" He thought and "Eagle" he cried to the others as he swam over to the group. But they wouldn't listen. "Phil thinks he sees an eagle" they scoffed, and promptly they went back to their duck games. So Phil pecked them and scratched them and shoved them into the underbrush. And just in time, as the last one tumbled into hiding the eagle's shadow passed over top and away again into the distance. "You bully!" Shouted the others. "If you peck us we'll peck you back!" And Phil let them. Because he knew that he was the hero they deserved, but not the one they needed. Because he was a watchful protector, a silent guardian.

A dark knight.

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