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Well, one can't wear a short skirt and NOT expect there to be some stares and little comments on the side. As a Muslim, I was raised to not wear anything revealing and frankly, I feel uncomfortable whenever I wear shorts or anything tight. That's just me. If you want the clothes without the attention, it won't happen. You're not saying, "Hey, look at me," with your mouth, or even your thoughts, but the clothes speak for themselves.

I dislike girls who wear revealing clothing then complain about all of the attention from men. They also need to understand that not every man in the world is going to rape them, but there are rapists and molesters out there, so they shouldn't go around half-naked. We also need to keep in mind that most rapists are not about what you're wearing, but they're about power and control. What you're wearing may or may not help them choose a victim.

The portrayal in the media has made everyone and everything **-crazy. They put into everything now, shows, movies, books, magazines, you can't get away from it, and they put hormones into the food making girls grow before they're mature, and before they know it they're on some boy/man's bed wondering what happened. We need to be conscious of this problem and stop wearing clothes that feed the ** craze of this world.

Most women should know by now to expect those looks and stares when wearing anything revealing, and should teach their girls to dress modestly.

(By the way, I'm not saying that if you wear revealing clothing, then get raped, it's your fault.)

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BlindMist BlindMist

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Well sir, I'm only 15 years old and it's truly sad how I have this outlook on society. I seriously can't wait until I'm older where men are more mature than these piggish idiot boys around my age-.-

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Blala72 Blala72

In response to “Well sir, I'm only 15 years old and it's...

I don't think you will be pleased when older. Older men exploit and take advantage of the whole thing. MONEY talks, and there are plenty of men willing to spend money to keep the "image" alive. Rap music, Pornography, XXX rated movies - all exploit the female body to be and serve one purpose.
The whole feminist movement arose to supposedly put and end to this stuff. But I think it has actually gotten worse. I don't hear women screaming against any of this stuff. Almost every single advertisement and music video is an attempt to exploit the female body to gain a man's attention. You young people are being fed a load of trash in the movies and music, and women are the ones hurt most by it.

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freespeechfreelancer freespeechfreelancer

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That is just another way of saying He does not exist.
I always find it quite amazing that just because of advancements in technology and science, that somehow belief in God or miracles has to take a back seat or no seat at all. Yes, an airplane or rocket ship are amazing accomplishments, but they in no way diminish or discredit the miraculous occurrences recorded in Scripture. How many burning bushes have you spoken out of? How many Red Seas have you parted? I am sure you have figured out how to feed thousands of people with just a few bread loaves and fishes. And your walking on water skills are probably astounding.
Needless to say, science nor technology has duplicated such, and maybe never will. But for people like yourself, disbelief
is easier than accepting the concept of a real God. And that is perfectly fine. As soon as science or technology creates a world or universe from absolutely NOTHING, then I will begin to put them on the pedestal that you have.

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freespeechfreelancer freespeechfreelancer

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