WTH???  Dead woman walking?  This reminds me of Weekend At Bernies.

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Everyone gets sick once in awhile. I don't wish ill will upon Hillary. I do wish she could honest with the public about her health though.

People noticed her being infirm for a week or so.
She says she's fine.
She collapsed while leaving the 9/11 ceremonies early.
She doesn't seek medical help. [Too expensive under ACA?]
Instead she goes to her daughters apartment.
Later emerges and says she feels great.
Later we're told she has pneumonia.

Jeez - this woman simply is incapable of telling the truth!

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Budwick Budwick

Why do parents take their small children to get their ears pierced?

I don't understand it either. My sister-in-law keeps pushing me to let her take my eight month old to have hers pierced, and she's been doing so since we brought her home. I refuse. Besides being painful, the kid is always pulling and scratching at her ears. She'd have them torn out and infected in no time. If my daughter wants pierced ears when she's older, fine, but I'm not punching holes in her ears just because someone else thinks it's cute.

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Why do parents take their small children to get their ears pierced?

I don't really know but I'm not a fan of ear piercing really young kids myself love. 乂ᵒ _ᵒ乂

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Ada Ada

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They closed the store in my town years ago...nearest one or an hour and a half away

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

In response to “They closed the store in my town years...

I had one the other day...from a Costco... I couldn't believe how heavenly it tasted...

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow

You shouldn't HAVE to, because some people have **** parents that don't deserve it

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

In response to “You shouldn't HAVE to, because some people...

Well then their not really parents. They are just two people who had you.

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dru18 dru18

No. I just think they should walk into things to wake them up. There was a segment on the news tonight about how many people are hurt while texting or looking at their phone. One man was filmed walking off a subway platform and landing on the tracks. A woman was filmed falling into a fountain and others were filmed not paying attention while crossing the street. Yesterday, a young man in California was killed when he walked off a 40-foot cliff because he was looking at his phone. I have no sympathy for anyone who gets hurt because they aren't paying attention. This is Darwinism at its finest.

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Linnster Linnster

Walking should be outlawed. I'm doing it pretty much every day, sometimes even in public, which is not a pretty sight.

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007SPECTRE_of_Zonkey 007SPECTRE_of_Zonkey

Oh it is Kat, I have no issues giving out my first name its when someone wants my SSN, birth date, & address along with it, well that is when I get a little suspicious.

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Lil_Princess Lil_Princess

Would you write your own wedding vows or have someone write them for you?

I want to write my own. although itll probably turn into s ramble

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

In response to “I want to write my own. although itll...

Oh nothing wrong with that especially when it comes from the heart. I know I am going to be so nervous that I probably will ramble & cry.

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Lil_Princess Lil_Princess

I believe a person's sexual orientation is not something that needs to be changed.

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

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Jeeze! It's just the internet and another stupid site.

What you say about the site is true, but holy cow...

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<b>Are Roman Catholics considered Christian?</b>

Lol! Depends on who you ask. Ask a Muslim, Jew or Atheist and they will certainly say yes. However, I've met some Protestants who would definitely answer in the negative.

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MisterH MisterH

Who is your favorite comedian?Add video of their funniest moments.

Jim Gaffigan. Funny and I can watch it with kids around. I also now relate to the parenting humour

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

In response to “Jim Gaffigan. Funny and I can watch it with...

I like his deadpan delivery..ty for comment..:)

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ChloeIsabella ChloeIsabella

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Very. Took a while to get over it and im still in limbo as to what I want to do as a career. My life is ok now though, I have a lovely family and live away from my parents now.

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

In response to “Very. Took a while to get over it and im...

It's difficult walking away from something you wanted... I've had to to do that plenty of times in my life after beating my head senseless against walls I couldn't even understand, never mind overcome. The good news is... there will always be something else worth having. Even if you can't see it now. That's what has kept me alive more times than I can count.

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MisterH MisterH

What do you have to be thankful for?

It's all right. Just got the shit end of the stick on work schedule this week

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

In response to “It's all right. Just got the shit end of the...

Ah, so next year you can be truly thankful(biggrin)

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HegeMarie HegeMarie

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