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I would rather have my kid grasp the concept that doing something bad is wrong by explaining the situation to them. Kids are naive and you shouldn't strike them for being kids. Talking to them can definately be effective if you use the right attitude and words. They should be taught how to do things the right way, without physical violence.

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PrettyKitty PrettyKitty

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I'm a christian myself and I thought that was pretty funny.

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adizzleshaw adizzleshaw

In response to “I'm a christian myself and I thought that was...

I'm pretty myself and I thought that was funny, Christian.

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Favvkes Favvkes

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Just as I clicked on this post I got excited...

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In response to “Just as I clicked on this post I got...

Those notifications clearly don't like each other so they refuse to be grouped together.

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My step brother (formerly sister) is transgender, and my dad has a few transgender friends. I really, really hate when people say that transgender people think they're the opposite **. It's just so condescending. It's like you're saying that you know more about those people than they know about themselves. It's like saying, "Little Tommy thinks his favorite color is blue, even though it's really orange." No, Little Tommy ** KNOWS his favorite color is blue. You only think it's orange because he's wearing an orange shirt.

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BlacklightsAndQueens BlacklightsAndQueens

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should hitler's stuff be handled with care? no.

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In response to “should hitler's stuff be handled with care? no.

Today, his stuff would be valuable museum material, so yes.

In the 30s and 40s, you would be killed if you didn't, so still yes.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

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I read through most of the comments and my opinion has not changed. I'm rather disappointed with the voting. This is not a matter of Disney making a movie like this in order to "promote" anything or spread the word or whatever. It's simply another representation of life. So what if gay people are minorities? That doesn't matter at all. Being gay is natural and not something to be hidden. Disney should have movies that entertain and draw from things in real life (and things that aren't in real life, like magic) without having to worry that some ignorant twerp will complain that Disney is exposing their child to LIFE at a young age. We expose them to heterosexual relationships in Disney movies. Homosexual relationships are NO DIFFERENT. Again minority vs. majority DOES NOT MATTER and it's ignorant and seemingly prejudiced to think otherwise.

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