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HELL NO!! Everyone's first few times should be horrible, that shit is cash. It's especially awesome when you get to talk about it with your best friend and learn that they went through the same exact thing, then you laugh your asses off for a long time!

My first time attempting/having **** was a catastrophic failure, and I wouldn't change a single thing.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

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i want to rape the shit outta that love button

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “i want to rape the shit outta that love button

DAMN! Even the love button is getting some before me.
Freakin 7 billion people on the planet, meanwhile you're busy steaming it up with a love button. AND IT'S NOT EVEN CONSENSUAL!!

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MartellusBoss MartellusBoss

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1. Troll in the dungeon!!
2. Why is this in the food category?
3. Why is stuff like this now making it onto the homepage?

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My birthday is 7/10. 2+2=4. HOLY CRAP THE WORLD WILL END IN 2012!!!!!. . . I can to it too.

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But he started with duck! So you have to end with duck, isn't that how it works?

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KickAss KickAss

In response to “But he started with duck! So you have to end...

I thought you ended with goose. And then the person you picked as goose has to chase you.

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