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We do. Duh.

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Scientist Scientist

In response to “We do. Duh.

How to make someone feel awkward without even being in the same room as them.

Take notes, everyone.

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So, basically, society automatically assumes that if someone's being an idiot, it's a woman. Well that's just great.

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most pencils are black, amirite?

funny how that works.

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In response to “most pencils are black, amirite? funny how...

Most of my pencils are Chinese.

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You know whats worse, being the couple when someone is third wheeling. You don't know whether to be all couply or not..

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SemiColon SemiColon

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Oh I'm sorry I forgot that evolution has been proven true, what about stories from the Bible that have been proven true? What about prophesies made in the Bible that have come to pass? How would you explain a perfect description of an atomic bomb, from a "book that was written thousands of years ago." Scientists NOW are saying that people in the old days were basically stupid and didn't know what they saw. That the scientists KNOW what the people from thousands of years ago saw. In a thousand years scientists will be talking about how they know what WE saw and that WE don't know what we're talking about. How can you rely on something that changes all the time? I'm pretty sure that everybody argued that the earth was flat, using the same argument you do now. Or maybe that the earth is the center of the universe.

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KickAss KickAss

In response to “Oh I'm sorry I forgot that evolution has been...

You are making no sense...also on a side note the church killed people for believing the earth was round. Plus people made up stories that match the atomic bomb wayyyyyyyyy wayyyy wayyyyyyyy before Christianity. Ever read any of Greek mythology, there's a lot of coincidences between that and the bible. We call them myths...that is what we will be calling the bible soon.

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Gracelee Gracelee

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I heard before that the reason why hotels have bibles in them is because people sometimes go to hotels to commit suicide. I guess the bibles are supposed to fill them with hope or give them an alternative to turn to or something. Not quite sure tho. This is just what I've been told.

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In response to “I heard before that the reason why hotels...

yeah but i don't think anyone is gonna be like oh i'm gonna jump out of this hotel window, but wait there's a bible laying on the nightstand, maybe i shouldn't

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kay_nic1695 kay_nic1695

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Harry: We must find out who opened the Chamber of Secrets.

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In response to “Harry: We must find out who opened the...

(Sorcerer's Stone, Quidditch Lesson Scene)
Madame Hooch: Mr. Longbottom has broken his wrist. Someone please escort him to the hospital wing.
Harry: Ron'll do it.

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Favvkes Favvkes

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Just some examples I heard on the internet over the years which prompted me to make this post:
"Evolution is just a theory" (the most annoying one of all)
"If we evolved from monkeys why are there still monkeys"
"I find it hard to believe we came from slime"
"First a rock decided to turn into a fish which turned into a frog which turned into a monkey which turned into a man. Yeah, makes a looot of sense"
"if you want to believe your grandpa was a monkey fine by me."
"if humans evolved from other animals why aren't we evolving anymore"
"Do you really expect me to believe some explosion created everything we see today?" (has nothing to do with evolution)
etc. etc.

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My kindergarten teacher showed us something similar in a creative suicides day of arts and crafts!

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Sergio Sergio

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Canadians joke about what we think Americans think about Canadians. Popular conversation points include:
-how small our population is
-how we all live in igloos/ride polar bears
-how our biggest entrees are the size of American appetizers
-how we all bathe in maple syrup
-how the Newfoundland accent is the standard of Canadian speech

And of course all of this is done in what we believe to be a Southern American accent. Bonus points are given for people with cowboy hats and spurs.

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Distinctions Distinctions

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This is the kind of comment that no one will 'no way' it. I mean who goes ' Yay! Blood that came out of my **** is spreading all over my dress and underwear'

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Izzie_23 Izzie_23

In response to “This is the kind of comment that no one will...

I just wanted to stand out :(

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DFletch DFletch

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They don't support gays so they are homophobes?
I don't support gay rights, but I'm not a homophobe.

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In response to “They don't support gays so they are...

However, both are bad. "I'm not a homophobe, but I disagree with gay marriage" is like saying "I didn't shoot him in the face, I just shot him in the leg." The latter being better, but not that much better, than the former.

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Cptn_Go_Captain Cptn_Go_Captain

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