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God isn't real

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The post says Controversial, not the opinion all teenagers adapt to seem like rebellious revolutionaries.

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There will always be criminals. Put 10 criminals in prison, and others will take their place. Its not like crime will cease to exist. Punishing an innocent man, however, is a crime on behalf of the society. We are making one suffer without cause. “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy . . . but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”-Harper Lee. I am aware that sometimes innocent people slip through the system, but given a person that is without a doubt innocent I would hate to live in a society that would condemn him.

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BP032 BP032

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My birthday is 7/10. 2+2=4. HOLY CRAP THE WORLD WILL END IN 2012!!!!!. . . I can to it too.

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Well I'm a Jew, and Jews have big noses, similar to the statues in Easter Island, which is in the Pacific Ocean. Pacific means calm, which comes before a storm. Storms involve rain and wind, both of with are elements of nature. Nature is considered a mother, and mothers are usually over protective. The Great Wall of China was made for protection, and is in China. China fought several wars with European powers, especially Great Britain, which England was once part of. This is where the Great Fire of London happened, which involved a great amount of flames, like how Hell is described. Satan lives in Hell.

Holy cow, Jews DO worship the devil!!!!

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lonely_jew lonely_jew

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(I’m the same anonymous) I enjoyed your sarcasm and rated your comment up.

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I'm glad you understood my joke. Now we can both share a laugh and drink some milk to help strengthen our bones

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That makes seven of us.

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What are you? Horcruxes?

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I feel the exact opposite. If they don't affect your life in any way, then you should let them get married. Love is blind.

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<3 JBieber

In response to “I feel the exact opposite. If they don't...

(<3 JBieber): I think your sarcasm detector is broken.

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Disco Disco

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They did change the logo, but you had to be celebrating 4/20 to see it...

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The only people who call "MLIA-ers" "MLIA-ers" are "MLIA-ers."

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shelbme shelbme

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Then, following your logic, it should also be true that the only people who call plumbers plumbers are plumbers.

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MrRite MrRite

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Well, you see, if Heaven didn't also have a ramp or a lift, it would face the possibility of closure or a lawsuit as it was not universally accessible. I'm not sure the Big G would want to take that risk, you know?

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thinkfathomless thinkfathomless

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Right. I knew all that. But "more weight" means MORE weight, so, logically, the fatter you are, the more productive you are. I wanna know how being obese benefitted anyone.

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I'm sure I could read it if I really tried but my brain started to hurt from the stupidity of it. I do hang out with to many grammar nazis.

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Bethanytheravenclaw Bethanytheravenclaw

In response to “I'm sure I could read it if I really tried...

Then why did you write "to many"? OH BURN :)

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I find the smell of cigarette smoke quite attractive. :$

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CarmelFuzzy CarmelFuzzy

In response to “I find the smell of cigarette smoke quite...

glad you like the smell of lung cancer...

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QuaintPancakes QuaintPancakes

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