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Someone would throw a potato across the room and then someone else would hold it up and say "I DECLARE THAT THIS POTATO IS OUR LEADER" and then they'd all worship the potato.

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muffinmonkey muffinmonkey

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What's the old joke?
Teacher: "Jimmy! I hope I didn't just see you toss your pencil at Suzy!"
Jimmy: I hope you didn't see me either"

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No. The 'more **' does not belong to the kick, and the sentence "Bruce Lee kick is more ** than Chuck Norris" does not make sense.

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Nick Nick

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and Gibby's gonna watch. . .

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528491 528491

In response to “and Gibby's gonna watch. . .

And Spencer is gonna be there making a sculpture out of it

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I hate all the overused spoof versions of the song. por ejemplo: I THROW MY HOMEWORK IN THE AIR SOMETIMES, SAYING AYOOO I'LL TAKE A ZERO -_-

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In response to “I hate all the overused spoof versions of the...

We gonna vote this up, we gonna post all night, we gonna hype shit up cuz this is amirite

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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Go to the Armenian part of Google Translator and type in "stop **** telling me to do shit on Google translator", type the resulting characters into the French translator backwards, wait two weeks, and then go lick a cactus.

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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