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1608- England

"Hello Emily, my my look how you have grown up, turning into quite the young lady. How old are you now?"

"I'm turning 13 next week!"

"13 already?! Well, introduce us to your fiancee!"

"But...I don't have a fiancee"

"What? Haha...clearly you must be joking. That is not socially acceptable, darling. What will your peers have to say about this? You will grow old and frail all alone, without a single offspring in the world, By the age of 25, your life will be over."

Emily walks away..

"Mum! I want a husband!"

"You should have said something earlier sweet pea, you're too old now!"

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"What the hell! Why did you shove that person off the top of this 30-story building?"
"Just because."

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Ha, darn, at first it was literally sliding from left to right... now it just shows the HTML tag... anyways, the whole page was inside one of those tags, making it slide from right to left, which the OP and some users consider crazy

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duckshirt duckshirt

In response to “Ha, darn, at first it was literally sliding...

Oh.. Haha I saw a post like that but it just said MARQUEEEEEE!

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thecatwhocopies thecatwhocopies

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Awwh, yeah. Be Thou, O God, Exalted High comes on and I'm like, "Everybody, this is my shit!!"

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SoyChelsea SoyChelsea

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Now you can get rid of that pesky migraine with this medication! Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, tuberculosis, smallpox, chlymidia, spontaneous combustion, rabies, and in severe cases, death. Clear your head today!

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ItsShinyTime ItsShinyTime

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Yo dawg! We heard you liked dreams so we put a dream in your dream so you can dream while you dream.

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